Chrisomelo is a Greek company founded by the apiarists Tamparis Ioannis and Nikiforou Chrisothemi. Our apicultural base is at Plati Messinias (Kalamata) and our business base is at 56 Ithakis str, Agios Ioannis Rentis where the standardization of our honey products is taking place.Our company believes in trust, professionalism, teamwork, innovation but most of all it believes in high quality which is unnegotiable.

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Chrisomelo Asfaka honey 250gr

Asfaka honey is a very rare variety of honey and this happens due to the difficulty that bees face to enter the narrow and deep calyx of the flower of asfaka and to exploit all the nectar. Thus, because the bees in their effort to get the nectar from Asfaka become exhausted and greatly weakened, a lot of beekeepers do not deal with that and avoid this production turning to other more secure ones that do not weaken their bee colonies!

Chisomelo Orange Honey 250gr

Bees collect nectar from the orange blossoms which give a very aromatic and light coloured honey. Orange Honey is very nutritious and rich in vitamins. Orange honey is also called honey of beauty due to its outstanding cosmetic properties. It is rich in vitamin C, has an anti-anxiety and calming effect. It helps with migraine, too. It is suitable for making sweets and is much used in confectionery.

Chrisomelo Oak Honey 480gr

The Oak honey is one of the richest honeys in antioxidant properties and is characterised as a honey of exceptional nutritional value, therefore it can be found all around Europe in Healthy Food stores. It boosts the human body and has an increased number of minerals (such as potassium, magnesium, iron, etc.). It has a very distinctive aroma and flavor, and is a very dark honey! Although our country is very rich in oak forests, Oak honey is to be considered a rare variety of honey.