Chrisomelo is a Greek company founded by the apiarists Tamparis Ioannis and Nikiforou Chrisothemi. Our apicultural base is at Plati Messinias (Kalamata) and our business base is at 56 Ithakis str, Agios Ioannis Rentis where the standardization of our honey products is taking place.Our company believes in trust, professionalism, teamwork, innovation but most of all it believes in high quality which is unnegotiable.

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Chrisomelo Oak tree Honey 250gr

This honey is filled with antioxidant qualities and is characterized as a high-nutritional honey. It has spicy smell, strong taste, thick texture and warm chestnut chocolate wise color. The University of Aristoteles in Thessaloniki with Chrisoula Tananaki as a Lead Assistant Professor conducted a research of 48 types of honey and oak tree honey was the most powerful honey for its antioxidant action leaving the most advertised honey Manuka at the 6th place of the research. We travel at our bee-hives in Mountainous Naupaktia in order to collect this particular unique and rare variety of honey.
€5.95 incl tax