Epirotic Cellar - Vaimakis family

During the 70’s Vassilios Vaimakis, a newly qualified chemist by profession, decided to follow the family tradition of winemaking as an oenologist. He worked for years in various wineries in Greece, and was regarded with respect and recognized for his skills and talents. During the 90’s he decided to deal with a branch of wine products, vinegar, which as a tradition, had been sorely neglected in Greece and had suffered from the industrialization of its production.

He set up production in one of the most famous wine producing regions in Greece, in Zitsa, Ioannina. He used local grape varieties and in 2005, marketed the first samples of his vinegar. Within a very short space of time he was lauded with praise both from connoisseurs/tasters and consumers. He runs the business himself, along with his wife Katerina. The product is marketed under the brand name of Oxos – Traditional Vinegar of the Vaimaki Family. Oxos is the Ancient Greek term for vinegar.