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Bio Greek Mountain (Sidiritis) tea 1450 20gr

“Very attractive, bright colour, vivid with good clarity. Attractive presentation- the flower buds are whole, bright and beautiful. Light aroma, with grassy notes on the nose. Delicate, vegetal, citrus and subtle herbal notes on the palate. All in all, a very refreshing drink with mild, herbal and citrus notes. The judges felt it was an enjoyable, soothing tea, produced by a good quality incredient”.
€6.80 incl tax

Sparoza Τhe Shaman Tea 100gr

Looking for strong and exciting flavours, we drew inspiration from the traditional Indian chai Masala and created the SHAMAN tea! It is a handmade blend of freshly ground spices and quality black tea, with a spicy aftertaste. A mug of SHAMAN tea offers a unique combination of senses, relaxing, soothing and invigorating at the same time.
€7.60 incl tax

Sparoza The Avaris tea 40gr

Avaris was a powerful healer and priest of God Apollo, who traveled the world on a golden arrow! In our time of endless distractions, the Avaris blend combines a wise selection of herbs, flowers and roots that will help you acquire mind clarity, lower stress levels, and focus on the task at hand
€10.80 incl tax