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Bio Greek Mountain (Sidiritis) tea 1450 20gr

“Very attractive, bright colour, vivid with good clarity. Attractive presentation- the flower buds are whole, bright and beautiful. Light aroma, with grassy notes on the nose. Delicate, vegetal, citrus and subtle herbal notes on the palate. All in all, a very refreshing drink with mild, herbal and citrus notes. The judges felt it was an enjoyable, soothing tea, produced by a good quality incredient”.
€6.80 incl tax

Sparoza Τhe Shaman Tea 100gr

Looking for strong and exciting flavours, we drew inspiration from the traditional Indian chai Masala and created the SHAMAN tea! It is a handmade blend of freshly ground spices and quality black tea, with a spicy aftertaste. A mug of SHAMAN tea offers a unique combination of senses, relaxing, soothing and invigorating at the same time.
€7.60 incl tax

Sparoza The Aurora tea 35gr

Aurora is the rosy-fingered Goddess of Dawn, rising before the Sun to break the darkness and let the daylight through. The Aurora blend combines an array of wonderfully beneficial herbs and citruses into an energizing and toning infusion that will help you rise and shine! A natural, aromatic way to offer yourself a wellness boost right from the early hours.
€10.80 incl tax

Sparoza The Avaris tea 40gr

Avaris was a powerful healer and priest of God Apollo, who traveled the world on a golden arrow! In our time of endless distractions, the Avaris blend combines a wise selection of herbs, flowers and roots that will help you acquire mind clarity, lower stress levels, and focus on the task at hand
€10.80 incl tax