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Jukeros FigSanto Marmalade 250g

It can be used to stuff sweet tarts, croissants and cookies. A delightful company for various peanut butter and nut spreads.
€4.75 incl tax

Jukeros "Drunk in Love" Clementine Marmalade with Whiskey 250g

Can be used for sweet tart, croissant and biscuit stuffing. It is also a perfect company for warm cheese like fried brie, camembert and many others.
€4.40 incl tax

Jukeros Handmade butter caramel spread with banana «Dr Banoffee» 250gr.

It can be used in sweet tarts, croissants and also as cookie stuffing. It is also perfect to spread on bread. No preservatives, artificial colors or additives
€4.50 incl tax

Jukeros Raspberry and Goji-Berries Spread with Agave 240g

Apart from breakfast, we can use it as a filling for sweets, tarts, biscuits, cakes, cupcakes and many more.
€6.20 incl tax

Jukeros Strawberry Spread with Basil & Agave 240gr.

Can be used as a spread for daily breakfast. As an excellent glaze on strawberry cheesecakes, as a filing for tarts, as a base for strawberry vinaigrette.
€5.55 incl tax