Sukrin icing 400gr

SukrinMelis – icing sugar SukrinMelis – icing sugar is finely-ground Sukrin with a small amount of added steviol glycosides (from the stevia plant). The combination of the two sweeteners makes for a round and rich sweet taste and tempers the cooling sensation that pure Sukrin can cause. SukrinMelis has the same level of sweetness as ordinary sugar/icing sugar and is used in the same volume.
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Since SukrinMelis is finely ground, it has greater solubility than ordinary Sukrin, and is particularly suitable for:

Cakes and desserts that aren’t baked (such as cheesecakes)
Icing: cream cheese, butter cream, chocolate icing etc.
Iced teas and other cold drinks
Smoothies and berries

SukrinMelis can be used for baking in the same way as Sukrin. As regular Sukrin has only 70% sweetness compared to sugar, you will need about 40% less SukrinMelis if you are replacing Sukrin in a recipe. SukrinMelis also has slightly greater volume. 1 dl Sukrin weighs 90 g, whilst 1 dl SukrinMelis weigh

When baking, the amount of SukrinMelis you use should not constitute more than 1/5 or about 20% of the total volume of ingredients. For example: There are 100 g of SukrinMelis in 1 kilogram of bun dough. This comprises 10% of the total weight, which works just fine. If the amount of sugar in a recipe is greater than 20%, we recommend combining SukrinMelis with sugar or another sweetener, such as Tagatesse. You can also use Sukrin+ , which is twice as sweet as sugar, and replace more of the sugar with a smaller amount.

When using SukrinMelis to make regular icing sugar frosting (with water/egg white), it may be a good idea to mix 50/50 with regular icing sugar to achieve the right consistency.

Nutritional information per 100 g:

Energy: 0 kJ/0 kcal  |  Fat: 0 g  |  Carbohydrates: 100 g*  |  -of which sugar: 0 g  |  -of which polyols: 100g*
Dietary fibre: 0 g  |  Protein: 0 g  |  Salt: 0 g

*Carbohydrates that are not metabolised by the body