Zambartas Wineries

We take great pride in our island’s vineyard heritage and continue our tradition with a scientific approach and sustainable manner.

We currently own 7 hectares of vineyards and rent another 6 hectares, which are cultivated organically. The vineyards are of different ages and are concentrated mostly in the areas of Mandria Village and Agios Nikoloas, between 800-1000 meters altitude. We also have some vineyards at lower altitudes, 550-700meters, in Agios Amvrosios and Pachna.

Some of our vineyard were already well established and productive vineyards when we acquired them, and others we have planted ourselves. Older vineyards are pruned in the traditional gobelet training, while some of our new vineyards are on trellies and undergo spur pruning.

As a philosophy we strongly believe in a combination of the latest scientific knowledge in viticulture, combined with a preference for maintaining the traditional vineyard landscape that is so typical of our region. As most of our vineyards are situated in areas close to non- cultivated nature, we profit from the rich biodiversity around the vineyard. Plant health is monitored closely, and we seek for ways detect any disease at an early stage.

We restore the traditional stone walls that separate our terraces, which does not only contribute to the beauty of the fields but is also an important place for shelter for much needed larger reptiles and insects.

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Zambartas Wineries Xynisteri 75cl

This fresh and distinctively aromatic wine was crafted from low-yielding old Xynisteri vines grown at 850m altitude in the Krasochoria region. Fermented in stainless steel, we aim to express the fruit and character of the Xynisteri grape in this bright and refreshing style of wine. Zambartas Xynisteri has a light yellow-straw colour, intense and complex aromatic bouquet reminiscent of citrus and stone fruits. It has crisp acidity and a lingering taste. Ideal as an aperitif or with salads & light meals.
€10.50 incl tax