Chrisomelo is a Greek company founded by the apiarists Tamparis Ioannis and Nikiforou Chrisothemi. Our apicultural base is at Plati Messinias (Kalamata) and our business base is at 56 Ithakis str, Agios Ioannis Rentis where the standardization of our honey products is taking place.Our company believes in trust, professionalism, teamwork, innovation but most of all it believes in high quality which is unnegotiable.

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Chrisomelo Asfaka honey 250gr

Asfaka honey is a very rare variety of honey and this happens due to the difficulty that bees face to enter the narrow and deep calyx of the flower of asfaka and to exploit all the nectar. Thus, because the bees in their effort to get the nectar from Asfaka become exhausted and greatly weakened, a lot of beekeepers do not deal with that and avoid this production turning to other more secure ones that do not weaken their bee colonies!
€5.95 incl tax

Chrisomelo Oak Honey 480gr

The Oak honey is one of the richest honeys in antioxidant properties and is characterised as a honey of exceptional nutritional value, therefore it can be found all around Europe in Healthy Food stores. It boosts the human body and has an increased number of minerals (such as potassium, magnesium, iron, etc.). It has a very distinctive aroma and flavor, and is a very dark honey! Although our country is very rich in oak forests, Oak honey is to be considered a rare variety of honey.
€9.00 incl tax

Chrisomelo Floral Ηoney 250gr

Bees create the famous blossom honey by collecting nectar during spring from different flowers. Blossom honey is one of the sweetest honeys, with smooth taste and intense fragrance due to the variety of flowers that are contained. It is very helpful for our digestive system and our intestinal function while it offers energy and endurance. This variety of flowers comes from the village Plati at Messinia.
€5.50 incl tax

Chrisomelo Orange Ηoney 250gr

The Nectar which is very nutritional and rich in vitamins is collected from orange blossoms. Its fragrance is smooth and aromatic. Its color is golden orange, its sensation is like velvet, mastic and has a mild and sour taste with orange notes. Orange blossom honey is also called beauty honey due to its excellent cosmetics virtues. This type of honey is rich in Vitamin C and has a strong anxiolytic and soothing effect. We can use it for desserts and other pastry makings. This specific variety of honey is produced at the orange groves of Argolida (Mikines) during spring.
€5.50 incl tax

Chrisomelo Oak tree Honey 250gr

This honey is filled with antioxidant qualities and is characterized as a high-nutritional honey. It has spicy smell, strong taste, thick texture and warm chestnut chocolate wise color. The University of Aristoteles in Thessaloniki with Chrisoula Tananaki as a Lead Assistant Professor conducted a research of 48 types of honey and oak tree honey was the most powerful honey for its antioxidant action leaving the most advertised honey Manuka at the 6th place of the research. We travel at our bee-hives in Mountainous Naupaktia in order to collect this particular unique and rare variety of honey.
€5.95 incl tax

Chrisomelo Thyme Honey 250gr

Bees are collecting nectar from Greek lands filled with thyme. From this collection comes up this honey that has excellent quality. Its demand by the consumers is high and is regarded as the best Greek honey that we trust! This honey has acute, intense and specific smell, golden amber color, texture like velvet and sweet taste with a spoon of tartness. We travel at Messinia to see our bee-hives ensuring this specific variety of honey.
€6.90 incl tax