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Genuine Taste Organic Black Garlic (3 bulbs)

Black Garlic wasn’t even a concept when we as humans started consuming the regural white one. Garlic has a 7,000-year history is originally from Central Asia and it is widely consumed in Mediterranean culture. It was known from the time of the Ancient Egyptians. It was used both for the taste of their food and for traditional medicine due to its properties.
€8.50 incl tax

Genuine Taste Black Garlic (1 Bulb)

Black garlic powder is the absolute seasoning for even the most demanding palates. Taste hunters have already discovered the magic of Black Garlic and added it to their kitchen. This amazing spice comes to make it even easier to use, ready to add something more to your dish! But what is black garlic? It is the new trend of modern cooking, the dark overgrowth. Our organic “caramelized” black garlic has undergone a special process. When consumed, one will realize that most of its intense taste and smell is removed. However, its essential nutrients and antioxidants are preserved.
€4.50 incl tax

Organic Greek red Saffron in powder 0.25gr

Krokos kozanis(greek saffron)is distinguished for its excellent quality which places it in the top quality of organic saffron in the world.A small quantity of saffron adds an exquisite flavour,colour and aroma in all your dishes such as pasta,rice,soups,sauces,poultry,meat,fish.Krokos kozanis is perfectly pure and combined with coffee or tea forms an excellent beverage.
€6.20 incl tax

cooking blend with spices & orange zest

Our place of origin, Anatolia, gave us inspiration for a mix with a distinct Eastern aroma and endless uses; from a simple tomato sauce and pasta bolognese to yogurtlu kebab, moussaka, risotto, pizza base sauce and kagiana eggs. Add it at the start of your cooking for a delicious, pithy sauce. All you need is tomato, olive oil and some salt.
€3.95 incl tax

Sparoza Mulled Wine Blend 33gr

The aromas of our spices and the freshness of our citrus zests fuse with the vividness of the wine to create an exquisite drink with delicious tension. Enjoy it hot or ice cold. Each box gives you three bottles of mulled wine (we recommend dry red). Preparation is simple, and instructions can be found inside the box.
€4.70 incl tax

Sparoza Greek Farmer’s Salad Mix 50gr

The traditional Greek salad, or as it’s called in Greek “horiatiki”, is a delicious, fresh and nutritious dish that a farmer might have for breakfast. This mix will help you reproduce the Greek salad from your sunny holidays in a matter of minutes. To prepare an authentic and delicious Greek salad you’ll need ripe tomatoes in wedges, sliced cucumber and feta cheese. Other key ingredients like onion and peppers are already included in our Greek Farmer’s Mix! Sprinkle generously, drizzle with olive oil and enjoy a Greek salad at its best!
€5.35 incl tax