Cretanthos was founded in 2012 to offer the wealth of Cretan land to the final consumer. We have always been a family that we wanted to produce ourselves the pure products for our table. We have the same  philosophy in our family business. We continue the work of our ancestors by using their knowledge and experience. We organically cultivate our four generations olive groves and we take care of giving to the final consumers a product of goodwill. Made with ”meraki” and love, Cretanthos olive oil closes in its bottle a piece of Greek land’s generosity!

”Through our products, people all over the world can have the opportunity to get introduced to the secrets of the Cretan diet, tradition and philosophy of living. We hope that this will transform their lives for ever!”

Taste Cretanthos ~ Taste Greece


George Tzianoudakis
Founder of Cretanthos®

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Cretanthos Bio EVOO 500ml

Cretanthos Bio EVOO is a superior category Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This cretan olive oil origins in the famous variety koroneiki.
€8.00 incl tax

Cretanthos Bio Early Harvest 500ml

We challenge you to taste Cretanthos Olive Oil Super food and enjoy its rich texture, unique aroma and flavour, as well as our signature golden green colour with your beloved ones.
€8.50 incl tax

Cretanthos Mountain Farming 750ml

Cretanthos Mountain Farming is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This cretan olive oil origins in the famous variety koroneiki in fields of mountain Psiloritis in Crete. Semi-raw green olives are collected in order to get grinded with Cold Extraction Oil method and olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks with Nitrogen System.
€11.50 incl tax