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Fonte Di VIta Liqueur Pomegranate 200ml

Our liqueurs, an unparalleled experience, are the only ones worldwide 100% based on the flesh of pomegranate natural juice.When all the sugars and the acidity reach the desirable level, before the skin splits, we collect the pomegranates which offer their intense qualities to the composition of our drinks. Every sip a new unprecedented temptation, every temptation a new journey into the world of Fonte di Vita… delicious notes and intoxicating aromas accompany the journey in each new path. Each bottle is decorated with a handmade pomegranate, thus making it unique and exceptional.
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During the 13th century, monks were the first ones to apply the method of extraction in beverage production. This ancient method is based on the contact of the fruit with pure alcohol for a specific time period.
It is a very time consuming procedure which in certain cases might require a period of several months to be completed. Despite the amount of time it demands, our distillery chooses this specific procedure in order to secure guaranteed quality.

During the process of extraction, juicy pomegranate seeds that have been selected one by one from the flesh, are placed in a heated container with alcohol and 100% natural pomegranate juice. The mixture stays there for a specific time period until the alcohol steals all the organoleptic and beneficial qualities of the fruit, offering them to the final product.


16 vol.