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Genuine Taste Black Garlic (1 Bulb)

Black garlic powder is the absolute seasoning for even the most demanding palates. Taste hunters have already discovered the magic of Black Garlic and added it to their kitchen. This amazing spice comes to make it even easier to use, ready to add something more to your dish! But what is black garlic? It is the new trend of modern cooking, the dark overgrowth. Our organic “caramelized” black garlic has undergone a special process. When consumed, one will realize that most of its intense taste and smell is removed. However, its essential nutrients and antioxidants are preserved.
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Black garlic has strong properties and twice the nutritional and therapeutic properties of white garlic. As a result of its increased components power it provides the body with an important ally against the attack of free radicals. Antioxidants are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. It helps to “repair” our body damage and to stop aging.

At the same time, it goes through a natural ripening without preservatives, artificial dyes or additives, in which hundreds of different aromatic compounds are created. This means that the regular white garlic, known to all of us, tones and sweetens its taste and smell. The result is astonishing, with the black garlic not leaving the unpleasant smell in the mouth and giving it a unique flavor, with some describing it as the taste of truffle oil. While the ripening process has no additives, in order to achieve black garlic powder we added 20% of gluten free, oddorless modified starch.

Last but not least consume black garlic powder fearlessly with: green salad, ingredient in dip. Add it to your grill, to any pan and to your seafood. It will worthy accompany your pasta and sauces. Mix it with oil in the dressing. Add it during cooking or on your plate before serving. A teaspoon is about a clove of garlic. We are looking forward to tell us your experience!