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Opening your arms, filling your hug with care, and serving it to beloved ones in each and every delicious bite; that’s what MELIMA is all about.Every day we transform the purest Greek ingredients into excellent products, which are bringing a taste of Greece to the world. We produce in our workshop handmade and naturally air dried pasta with semolina and whole wheat flour grinded under low temperatures of the stone mill.We select durum wheat varieties cultivated in high altitudes & grinded under low temperatures between the round stones of the stone mill. We follow an old family recipe: we open a big hug to include the finest and most pure ingredients, which offer to our pasta a unique taste and color. Our pasta is hand shaped and produced in small quantities, without preservatives. It is dried at room temperature for 4 to 6 days, and not in a heat dryer, in order to preserve all the vitamins and flavor of the Greek countryside.

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Melima Artichoke, Mustard & Paprika Pappardelle 500gr

Flavors and colors of the Greek countryside are filling the hug of our pasta. The paprika and mustard reveal beautifully the special taste of the fresh artichoke hearts.
€6.80 incl tax

Melima Tomato & Basil Tagliatelle 500gr

Fresh basil leaves and tomatoes from small farmers are filling the heart of our pasta with the taste of Greek summer and trigger your fantasy for endless tasty combinations.
€6.50 incl tax

Melima Spinach, Tomato & Saffron Tagliolini Nests 500gr

Flavors and colors are shaping the heart of our pasta. The Greek Saffron offers its golden color to the pasta nests, next to the deep green of the fresh spinach and the vivid red of the tomatoes.
€6.80 incl tax

Melima Squid Ink & Saffron Fettuccine Nests 250gr

Greek Saffron and drops from the rare squid ink are wonderfully combined in the pasta nests and create new gastronomic trails through the landscapes of Greece.
€4.85 incl tax