Natural History Museum of Meteora

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Meteora Museum Fleur de sel with Black Truffle 50gr

The rich-in-mineral-elements flower of salt, meets with pieces of ground Black truffle. It is a seasoning, a minimum quantity of which just before serving, can transform any dish into a delicacy of high value. Test it on your salads, rice, or pasta, and it will surely convince you of its flavorful completeness and usher you to use it in every culinary creation.
€6.50 incl tax

Balsamic Vinegar with White Truffle aroma 100 ml

The marriage of balsamic vinegar with the queen White Truffle (Tuber magnatum) that creates a taste and aroma explosion! A few drops are enough for a great flavor result.
€8.30 incl tax

Meteora Museum Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) in oil 260gr

A medicinal mushroom of exceptional quality, with a distinctive aroma, a strong, spicy flavor and therapeutic properties. Initially cultivated in Asia, it now constitutes one of the most famous and prized mushrooms with a wide range of culinary uses and exceptional tasty results. It is ready for consumption, either directly, or as an accompaniment. It must be refrigerated after opening, while its oil can add flavor in your salads.
€12.00 incl tax

Meteora Museum Plevrotous in oil 260gr

A widely known mushroom with a delicate aroma and mild taste, ready for consumption. Its oil can be added to salads, to infuse them with its distinctive flavor. As a product, it has high in fiber, and in the context of a balanced diet can help with the normal bowel function and weight management. Also, dietary fiber intake has been associated with a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
€11.00 incl tax

Meteora Museum Pleurotus Spoon Sweet 380gr

With this unique recipe of the Mushroom Museum, the Pleurotus mushroom is transformed into an excellent sweet dish. A creation that will well make mushrooms one of our sweet habits. Although the product doesn’t need to be refrigerated to be preserved, a low temperature will add to its unique taste. Just as spoon sweet, it can be consumed alone or as an accompaniment to tarts, cheesecakes etc.
€11.85 incl tax

Meteora Museum Dehydrated Boletus edulis (Porcini) Mushroom 25gr

The undisputed king of mushrooms. Its exuberant flavor and characteristic aroma have made it the most popular wild mushroom. It can be perfectly combined with meat, fish, pasta, cereals, vegetables and pulses, while its participation in soups and omelettes creates a top delicacy
€7.40 incl tax