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Bio Apple Cider Vinegar Olympos

The apple cider vinegar is an organic solution of high quality made from the fermented juice of specific variety of apples from Olympos . It contains vitamins, antiseptic properties, enhances the functioning of the gastrointestinal system, hydrates cells and helps nervous system function. The Apple cider vinegar is unfiltered , not pasteurized and produced near the place where apples grow, with almost “homemade” procedures. It is a product of high quality and value.
€5.50 incl tax

Cretan Mythos Organic Extra Virgin olive oil 500ml

Cretan Mythos is a premium brand of Extra virgin olive oil and Bio extra virgin olive oil cold extracted exclusively from olives of Koroneiki variety grown in Chania, Crete. Cretan Mythos is exported to many countries around the globe.
€13.00 incl tax

Cretan Nectar Balsamic with lemon cream 200ml

The Cretan Nectar Balsamic Glaze with lemon has been created for lovers of modern gastronomy and pure raw materials, a sweet and sour glaze with rich aroma and a creamy texture that highlights every culinary creation. Try it in marinating meat, green salads, vegetables & cheese varieties.
€4.50 incl tax