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Melima Squid Ink Tagliatelle 500gr

A few drops of the exceptional squid ink are able to cover with their taste and color even the last grain of durum semolina. Every drop feels like a trip to the flavors of the sea.
€7.20 incl tax €3.50 incl tax

Melima Spinach, Tomato & Saffron Tagliolini Nests 500gr

Flavors and colors are shaping the heart of our pasta. The Greek Saffron offers its golden color to the pasta nests, next to the deep green of the fresh spinach and the vivid red of the tomatoes.
€6.80 incl tax

Melima Squid Ink & Saffron Fettuccine Nests 250gr

Greek Saffron and drops from the rare squid ink are wonderfully combined in the pasta nests and create new gastronomic trails through the landscapes of Greece.
€4.85 incl tax

Bio Zeas wholemeal pasta Antonopoulos 400gr

Wholemeal pasta made from local indigenous organic farming. Ingredients: Wholemeal flour and water (no salt) Boiling time: 5-7min . Suitable for vegan and vegetarians
€3.70 incl tax

Melima Fresh Vegetable Waves 500g

From the Greek vegetable garden, directly into the heart of our pasta. We select, carefully, fresh vegetables from small Greek farmers, which are then treated with natural processes right before they are mixed with the semolina and the whole-wheat flour of the stone mill.
€6.80 incl tax