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Vriniotis Winery Methea Red 75cl

Purple colour. Soft and pleasant for the mouth, with gentle, velvety tannins and a fruity, lasting after-taste. Harmony - Serving Temperature An excellent aperitif (slightly cool) and an exceptional companion for a large variety of tasteful combinations. Recommended for pasta with tomato sauce, cacciatore, pizza, cooked meats and poultry cooked with red light sauces. Enjoy it slightly cool at 14°C.
€8.75 incl tax

Vriniotis Winery Iama Red 75cl

The combination of the very rare Greek variety “Vradiano” with the cosmopolitan “Syrah”, creates a delightful wine with a special, aromatic character. It carries a deep purple colour and its attractive bouquet of aromas comprises forest fruits harmoniously combined with oak and spices’ aromas.Harmony - Serving Temperature It accompanies hunting, grilled meat or meat cooked and a variety of cooked meats. Fits excellent with rabbit stew and hard yellow cheeses. Enjoy it at 18°C.
€15.50 incl tax

Papargyriou Winery The Black Daphne 75cl

Mavrodaphne is a Greek grape that is, by dictum allowed to be made only into a sweet wine. While this style has its followers, there are mavericks who discovered that this grape can make an excellent dry red wine. Yannis Papargyriou's The Black Daphne is a convincing statement to promote dry Mavrodaphne This is a rich, dark red wine with notes of plums, cherries, coffee, chocolate, cedar and leather with undertones of Greek mountain herbs and brush. The wine finishes long with a sweet balsamic and cigar notes. Well integrated tannin's. This is a wine that will delight you now, but another 5 years in the cellar won't hurt.
€21.00 incl tax

Tselepos Wines Dilofos Red 75cl

Dilofos Dry red wine Protected Geographical Indication Arcadia Vineyard From the privately owned vineyards at Kokkinomylos and Avlotopi (Arcadia, Greece), on the hillsides at the foot of Mount Parnon at an altitude of 750 meters. Harvest takes place in mid-September (Merlot) and early October (Cabernet Sauvignon).
€14.50 incl tax

Tselepos Wines Kokkinomylos Red 75cl

Kokkinomylos Dry red wine Protected Geographical Indication Arcadia Vineyard From the privately owned vineyard at Kokkinomylos (Tegea, Arcadia, Greece), located on a hillside with a north-west orientation and clay-rocky soil at an altitude of 750 meters. The low yield per stremma and late harvesting result in ripe and aromatic grapes.
€29.00 incl tax

Tsiakkas Winery Porfyros red 75cl

Porfyros of Tsiakkas winery, produced from the varieties of Syrah, Grenache, Mouvredre and Cabernet Sauvignon, is considered as one of the three top red wines, a relatively cheap wine produced in the island. The wine produces a rich and clear fruity aroma, while its tannins are soft, with a vivid and well balanced acidity.
€8.70 incl tax