Sknipa Beer

Welcome to the world of real beer.

Welcome to Standard Microbrewery of Thessaloniki.
Everything is possible as long as you believe. This is our philosophy and with this thought we started a few years ago to brew as home brewers.

We are George, Aggelos and George. In 2010 we started as a group home brewers. The only we had in our hands, was our taste, sufficient knowledge on how to make our own pure beer and above all, desire to experiment in new beer recipes.

Driven by passion and love, and in compliance with all standards, we decided to create our own microbrewery.
The Standard Microbrewery of Thessaloniki.

Five years later, we declare with pride that we succeeded. Now as a microbrewery, we made our love, our passion, our madness… profession.
We managed to give the possibility to everyone to try a fresh beer. A beer unpasteurized and unfiltered. A beer with rich aromas and flavors.

We gathered a night in order to find this name. Tasting beer trying to inspire something really special. We didn’t found the name. But we became… SKNIPA (a Greek expression for being drunk).

SKNIPA. The name may seem strange, perhaps makes people laugh. But it is not accidental. We do what we like, without the worry of general acceptance, even in the name or the sketch of the beer label. We wanted to get away from the trivial.
That is also the reason we brew. We want to offer a special beer at all levels. A true beer. SKNIPA.