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Jukeros FigSanto Marmalade 250g

It can be used to stuff sweet tarts, croissants and cookies. A delightful company for various peanut butter and nut spreads.
€4.75 incl tax

Jukeros Apricot & Bitter Almond Spread with Agave 240gr

Delicious choice to start your day with. Can also be used for glazing cakes and tarts or as a filling for biscuits.
€0.00 incl tax

Jukeros Clementine Marmalade with Whiskey 250g

Can be used for sweet tart, croissant and biscuit stuffing. It is also a perfect company for warm cheese like fried brie, camembert and many others.
€4.40 incl tax

Jukeros Nectarine & Chios Mastic Spread with Agave 240gr.

Can be used in champagne cocktails for a Bellini with rich mastic aroma
€0.00 incl tax

Jukeros Raspberry and Goji-Berries Spread with Agave 240gr.

Apart from breakfast, we can use it as a filling for sweets, tarts, biscuits, cakes, cupcakes and many more.
€0.00 incl tax

Jukeros Strawberry Marmalade with Rum and Brown Sugar 250gr.

Can be used for stuffing biscuits, sweet tarts and croissants.
€0.00 incl tax