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Vriniotis Winery Methea Rose 75cl

Monemvasia grape & Mavrokountoura.
€8.75 incl tax

Vriniotis Winery Methea White 75cl

Bright, white and yellow colour with greenish highlights. A pleasant, harmonious and delicious array with a lovely aromatic character, gentle acidity and fine taste.Harmony - Serving Temperature An excellent aperitif. It fits delightfully with a great variety of dishes, from green salads, fried ordoeuvres, sea food and fish, to light fish dishes, pork fillet and pasta with light sauces. Enjoy it cool at 10°C.
€8.75 incl tax

Vriniotis Winery Methea Red 75cl

Purple colour. Soft and pleasant for the mouth, with gentle, velvety tannins and a fruity, lasting after-taste. Harmony - Serving Temperature An excellent aperitif (slightly cool) and an exceptional companion for a large variety of tasteful combinations. Recommended for pasta with tomato sauce, cacciatore, pizza, cooked meats and poultry cooked with red light sauces. Enjoy it slightly cool at 14°C.
€8.75 incl tax

Vriniotis Winery Iama White 75cl

Bright lemon colour. Explosive aromas of apricot, white fleshed peach and citrus fruit flowers. Harmony - Serving Temperature It accompanies green salads, seafood, fresh clams, grilled fish, poultry and vegetable dishes, like the “difficult to combine” asparagus. Enjoy it cool at 10°C.
€14.00 incl tax

Vriniotis Winery Iama Rose 75cl

Impressive, crystal clear, pink colour. Flirtations of strawberry and cherry. Harmony - Serving Temperature An excellent aperitif and an exquisite companion for pasta with salmon, scallops with sauce, pasta with shrimps or lobsters, a variety of cooked meats and why not a hearty pizza. Enjoy it cool at 10°C.
€14.00 incl tax

Vriniotis Winery Iama Red 75cl

The combination of the very rare Greek variety “Vradiano” with the cosmopolitan “Syrah”, creates a delightful wine with a special, aromatic character. It carries a deep purple colour and its attractive bouquet of aromas comprises forest fruits harmoniously combined with oak and spices’ aromas.Harmony - Serving Temperature It accompanies hunting, grilled meat or meat cooked and a variety of cooked meats. Fits excellent with rabbit stew and hard yellow cheeses. Enjoy it at 18°C.
€15.50 incl tax